Finding a Humane Animal Removal Company

Nwcoa-logoIn the Chicago area there are numerous establishments who remove all types of critters in a safe and humane fashion. Without the use of harmful poisons and pesticides. Keeping the property owner and their family safe.

For those who are having an issue with rats in Chicago, there are wildlife removal companies equipped for the job. Removing all them all safely and permanently, keeping mice and rats out for good.

The steps used:
Locate where in the house they are coming.
Seal off all point of entry permanently with steel.
Remove any rodents that are found.
Since opossums are another creature that loves to prowl around homes, the majority of wildlife removal services handle them also.

Issues with opossums:
Mothers making a home in attic.
Stealing food from pet bowls.
Living under sheds and porches.

It is important to remember opossums are wild animals and should not be approached, because they can become aggressive. Even if they are not moving, since it is a fact when facing danger they play dead. Leave it to the professionals, who come to the home trap and release them in their natural habitat.

Squirrels are another creature who tries to find their way into homes. The most common is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Females have two litters per year, usually once in August and another around February.

General squirrel problems:
Gnawing of electrical wires.
Chewing on drywall and woodwork.
Building of nests.
Scampering around making noise.
Their babies falling down into walls.
Making homes in chimneys.

On occasion, armadillos can be an issue in some areas of Chicago. Even though they seem like cute and funny critters, they can damage a garden in a matter of days. In their search for insects armadillos love to dig, especially at night. Wandering through lawns looking for something to nibble on, leaving a path of destruction along the way.
One of the most destructive of animals is the raccoon, which can cause a homeowner hundreds of dollars in damages. They also carry a variety of diseases, that can be harmful to both families and their pets.

Common occurrences with raccoons:
Ripping through roofs.
Knocking over trash cans.
Taking food out of pet bowls.
Attacking or killing house pets.
Making homes in attics and chimneys.
Breaking into houses.
Making a lot of noise.
Usually wildlife removal services in Chicago will come to the property, removing all of the creatures and returning them safely to a wooded area.

During the warmer parts of the year, snakes can be an issue. Most are nonvenomous, but on rare occasions there have been sitings of copperheads and Eastern Massasaugas. For those who just are not fond of having snakes in their yard, many animal
removers handle them as well.

Such as:
Black rat snake.
Red milk snake.
Ringneck snake.
Eastern hog nose snake.
Prairie king snake.
Brown snake.
Bull snake.
Western Mud snake.
Northern water snake.
Black racer.
Common garter snake.

no-kill_articlea_304x320_0Animal removal services of Chicago are equipped to handle a variety of other creatures as well.
With some in depth research a humane animal remover can be found. Making not only the homeowner happy, but the critters also.

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